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Difference Between Air Cleaners, Purifiers, and Filters

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Air cleaners, air purifiers, and air filters all serve the purpose of keeping the air in your home clean. However, they work in different ways to achieve this goal. Air cleaners use a fan to draw air into the unit, where it is then passed through a series of filters. The filtered air is then circulated back into the room. Air purifiers, on the other hand, emit negative ions that attach to pollutants in the air, causing them to fall to the ground. Air filters are designed to remove particulates from the air as it passes through the filter. They can be used in conjunction with an air conditioner or furnace, or as standalone units. While all three types of devices can help to improve indoor air quality, it is important to choose the right one for your specific needs.

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Your homeowners may not know the difference between air cleaners, filters, and purifiers. They may be mistaking one for the other. And that's okay, because as the IAQ or HVAC expert, you can help them. Take a look at this article we've created, take a quote, and create your own article, social post, or email for your customer base.
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