Help Contractors Stay Competitive in Today’s Market

HVAC contractors need IAQ

HVAC distributors and sales reps need to help their contractors stay competitive in today’s market. One idea is to tell them to get started in providing IAQ products and services to their clients. Use this video in your social media, presentations, and on your website to get that message across to them.

Answering the Question – Should I Get Involved in IAQ?

Get started in Indoor Air Quality

Contractors who work in the HVAC industry need to be up-to-date on the latest products and technologies. They also need to understand the science behind their work. After all, they are responsible for ensuring that the air in our homes and businesses is safe to breathe. Unfortunately, many contractors don’t fully understand the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ). That’s where HVAC distributors and sales reps come in. It’s their job to educate contractors on the dangers of poor IAQ and the benefits of investing in products and services that improve IAQ. This video is a great resource for distributors and sales reps who are looking for ways to help their contractor-customers understand the importance of IAQ.

Homeowners Need Your IAQ and HVAC Expertise

IAQ and HVAC expertise

HVAC distributors and sales reps play an important role in helping contractors understand the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ). Most homeowners are not aware of the potential IAQ problems that can exist in their home, and as a result, they are not able to effectively solve these problems on their own. An HVAC or IAQ tech has the expertise and knowledge necessary to identify and solve IAQ problems, and sharing this video on your website or social media channels is an effective way to bring that message home to your audience. This video underscores the importance of working with an HVAC or IAQ tech to ensure proper ventilation in the home and improve IAQ, and it is sure to resonate with your audience. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

IAQ Monitors Turn HVAC Customers into Clients

IAQ monitors customers to clients

Monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) is essential to ensuring the health and comfort of building occupants. However, many contractors are unaware of the potential benefits of IAQ monitors. By installiing an IAQ monitor, contractors can turn one-time customers into clients who return year after year for regular service and maintenance. HVAC distributors and sales reps play a key role in helping contractors understand the value of IAQ monitors. By sharing this video with them, you can help them see the potential benefits of installing IAQ monitors in their HVAC systems. With your help, more contractors will be able to provide their clients with the best possible service – and generate repeat business in the process.

HVAC Customers Must Know the Benefits of IAQ Solutions

Teach your homeowners about IAQ solutions to sell them

As an HVAC contractor, you know that your customers must understand the benefits of whole-home IAQ solutions in order to make an informed decision about their HVAC system. However, you may not have the time or resources to explain these benefits to every customer. That’s where you, the HVAC distributors and sales reps can help. By sharing this video on social media and your website, you can get the message across to your contractor-customers quickly and easily.

IAQ Video Brochures are a Powerful Sales Tool

Help contractors sell more IAQ with video brochures

As an HVAC distributor or sales rep, you know that contractors need to sell more in order to stay in business. But what’s the best way to help them do that? Video brochures are a powerful sales tool that can be used in the field to close more deals. They’re easy to use and allow prospects to see, hear, and touch your products in a way that static brochures can’t match. Plus, they’re highly portable and can be used again and again. So make sure to use this video on your social media and website to get the message across to your contractors. They’ll appreciate it…and so will their bottom line.

Teach Contractors to be Weather-Driven

Help Contractors be Weather driven businesses

Successful HVAC contractors know that they need to be weather-driven instead of weather dependent. So if you’re an HVAC distributor or sales rep, make sure your contractors know that being Weather-Driven is the key to success. Use this video on your social media and website, add some ideas on what they can do to change their business, to really drive that message across to them.

Clean Air Month is Important to Homeowners

In the month of May, you have a great opporunity to get content in front of potential and existing customers to talk about the importance of clean air. Of all the ways you can get messages in front of customers, blogs, articles on LinkedIn and Medium, and social posts are the best. Take a quote from our article, and create you own.

Educating Homeowners on National Air Quality Awareness

As HVAC and IAQ professionals, we have a unique opportunity to help our customers understand the importance of clean air. National Air Quality Awareness Week is the perfect time to start having those conversations. Create content to share with them. Articles, blog posts, and emails. It all works to educate them.