HVAC Customers Must Know the Benefits of IAQ Solutions

Teach your homeowners about IAQ solutions to sell them

As an HVAC contractor, you know that your customers must understand the benefits of whole-home IAQ solutions in order to make an informed decision about their HVAC system. However, you may not have the time or resources to explain these benefits to every customer. That’s where you, the HVAC distributors and sales reps can help. By sharing this video on social media and your website, you can get the message across to your contractor-customers quickly and easily.

Reduce Indoor Allergies with Better Air Filters

Let your customers know what filtration can do for their allergies. Teach them how a better filter will keep their indoor air free of allergens. Create blog posts that rank on Google to get your business in front of Google searching potential customers online!

Teach Homeowners the Optimal Indoor Humidity Levels

Understand relative humidity and teach homeowners

In any discussion about indoor air quality, humidity levels must be addressed. Optimal indoor humidity levels help to ensure comfort and protect against health risks, but too often homeowners are unaware of what these levels are. That’s where HVAC distributors and sales reps come in. By sharing this video on social media and their websites, contractors can help to educate homeowners about the importance of maintaining proper indoor humidity levels. In addition to improving comfort, proper humidity levels can also help to reduce static electricity, limit mold growth, and prevent wood furniture from warping. As a result, it is essential for HVAC distributors and sales reps to play a role in educating homeowners about optimal indoor humidity levels.

Do Air Purifiers or Houseplants Purify the Air Better?

Create content to get in front customers searching for houseplant to purifiy air. Help them realize air purifiers are the solution they need. Homeowners think houseplants can purify the air, but they are mistaken. They need purification systems that you can install for them.

IAQ Video Brochures are a Powerful Sales Tool

Help contractors sell more IAQ with video brochures

As an HVAC distributor or sales rep, you know that contractors need to sell more in order to stay in business. But what’s the best way to help them do that? Video brochures are a powerful sales tool that can be used in the field to close more deals. They’re easy to use and allow prospects to see, hear, and touch your products in a way that static brochures can’t match. Plus, they’re highly portable and can be used again and again. So make sure to use this video on your social media and website to get the message across to your contractors. They’ll appreciate it…and so will their bottom line.

Are Ovens and Gas Stoves Affecting Your Health?

As any homeowner knows, the quality of the air inside your home is important for both your health and comfort. That’s why many people are interested in finding out whether gas stoves and ovens are bad for your health. While there is no definitive answer, there are some things that HVAC and IAQ professionals can share with potential customers. For example, it’s important to make sure that your stove and oven are properly ventilated.Gas stoves and ovens produce carbon monoxide and other pollutants, so it’s important to have good ventilation to avoid buildup. Additionally, you should use the self-cleaning feature on your oven sparingly, as it can release harmful fumes. By creating content about these topics, HVAC and IAQ professionals can help educate potential customers about the importance of indoor air quality.

Teach Contractors the Benefits of Selling Mechanical Ventilation

benefits of selling mechanical ventilation

One of the most important aspects of indoor air quality is mechanical ventilation, and yet many HVAC contractors still do not sell or install it. This needs to change! As HVAC distributors and sales reps, it is our job to teach contractors the benefits of selling mechanical ventilation. By doing so, we can help improve the indoor air quality for homeowners and office workers alike. Not only does mechanical ventilation help to remove contaminants from the air, but it also helps to regulate temperature and humidity levels. In other words, it is a win-win for both contractors and their customers. So let’s make it our mission to promote mechanical ventilation among HVAC contractors. It’s good for business and it’s good for public health.

Show Contractors How to Make Indoor Air Pollution Visible

Indoor air pollution is a serious problem, but one that is often hidden from view. As a result, many people are unaware of the dangers that it poses. However, there are ways to make indoor air pollution visible, and one of the most effective is by using IAQ monitors. These devices can be placed in strategic locations around the home or office, and they will provide real-time data on the quality of the air. This information can be used to make informed decisions about ventilation and filtration, and it can also help to raise awareness about the issue of indoor air pollution. By getting IAQ monitors in front of contractors, HVAC distributors and sales reps can help to ensure that contractors are aware of the importance of dealing with this problem.

Low Levels of Air Pollution on Airplanes

To really bring home just how effective mechanicial ventilation is to cleaning the air, create some articles around how the ventilation rates in airplanes are so good, airborne germs are constantly diluted.