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Best Air Filter for Healthy School Buildings


Parents, faculty, school administrators, and building facilitators should all be concerned about their schools indoor air quality. Understanding the importance of air filters, the first line of defense against indoor air pollutants, is a great place to start.
As schools across the nation begin to reopen, they have access to federal funds to improve their air. Make sure they are considering MERV 13 air filters to reduce illness, asthma, and allergies for students in classrooms.
This is a great presentation that HVAC contractors and IAQ professionals can share with their community. Let them know you can assess their HVAC system and determine the highest MERV-rated filter for them today.

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Schools across the nation have access to federal funding. How they spend that money to safely reopen matters. Meet them there with this educational presentation on air filtration. Share the benefits of air filtration via LinkedIn post. Choose the PDF version for easy viewing. Also availlable in slideshare, where you can pick and choose slides to add to your existing presentation. Lastly, it's available in PowerPoint.
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