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Leverage Google Services for Your HVAC Business


As the number one search engine, Google offers plenty of tools you should be using when it comes to your local business marketing strategies.

As an HVAC company, your customers are local, not halfway around the world. You need targeted HVAC local business marketing to attract homeowners and business owners in your community.

Before digital marketing, local newspaper ads, billboards, and local TV spots were just a few ways HVAC business could get in front of a local audience. Except, these methods weren’t exactly affordable, especially for new HVAC companies. In fact, getting into the phone book was one of the least expensive strategies at the time.

Everything changed when Google hit the scene. Instead of flipping through the phone book, customers could type in anything they wanted and find a service in a matter of seconds. Not only was this more convenient for customers, but a less expensive marketing solution for HVAC businesses.

Flash forward to 2020, and Google is now the go-to local marketing strategy for small businesses. No more pricey newspaper ads. Business owners can now use a variety of free marketing tools to dominate the first page of search results.

Are you ready to gain more customers without exhausting your marketing budget? Follow these HVAC local business marketing tips to leverage Google tools to their fullest.

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IAQ and HVAC businesses understand the trade piece, but may not understand the business and marketing piece. Open their eyes to Google Services and show them how to leverage this powerful tool in their business. The PDF works great on LinkedIn social posts. Powerpoint and SlideShare also available to pull individual slides from.
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